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Custom Test Fixture and Test Fixture Kits

Cortek Test Solutions specializes in manufacturing custom functional test fixtures, mechanical test fixture kits and related products for the electronics industry. We provide off-the-shelf, modified and custom configured solutions that meet the needs of both R&D and production environments for electrical test.

Since inception, the company has served as strategic partner to companies in the defense, aerospace, commercial, semiconductor, medical, communications and power generation industries.

Cortek’s engineering experience and flexibility affords us diverse capabilities to facilitate a wide range of fixture configurations. We have gained recognition as a market innovator in the design, development and manufacture of custom functional test fixtures and COTS test fixture kits.

Innovation + Engineering = Solutions

Custom Test Fixtures

Cortek’s design capabilities range from very basic to extremely sophisticated solutions. Our engineers will design mechanical…

Test Fixture Kits (OTS)

Off the shelf test fixture kits provide low cost hardware for testing printed circuit boards and assemblies…

IDI Test Probes

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